In her debut concert KAPITEL (Chapters) Filippa Westerberg presents her work with different artists

Monday the 13th of May 2024 19.00 at SDMK concert hall, ODEON, Odense, you are welcome to witness the performance of Filippa´s original music as she is graduating from the Contemporary Creative Artist post graduate program.

She will guide us though four chapters of her life and musical creation. Starting with a capella music she has invited her five siblings to join her on stage, then moving on to a tale of creation through the story of Icarus together with a cello ensemble. The third chapter is a solo piece inspired by a poem by Edith Södergran and a photograph by Kim-Yen Nguyen and the last chapter is a co composed piece called "Two women in the world" performed with dance.


New Nordic acapella folk

The four women in the vocal quartet Høst got together with a shared vision of creating a vocal playground. Using nothing but their voices, they interpret and challenge the traditions of Nordic folk music as well as modern polyphonic singing. With inspiration from Nordic instrumental folk, Bulgarian women’s choir and the harmonic universe of jazz, they are creating their very own sound of beautiful melodies, forceful and raw dissonances and playful grooves.

In 2022 Høst received two awards in the international vocal group competition at Aarhus Vocal Festival, and in 2023 they won the 2nd prize at Tampere Vocal Festival in Finland. In 2023 they also published their first album “Fuglesang” (“Birdsong”) as a tribute to nature and the power of the human voice. Høst is a new vocal response to the Danish folk music scene, but the four members of the quartet, Lene Høst, Liv Vester, Maja Freese and Filippa Westerberg, are already well versed in the genre as singers as well as instrumentalists from bands like Vingefang, Vesselil, Huldrelokkk, Barani, Mynsterland, Kaisin, etc


A new interdisciplinary constellation exploring female friendship 

In the atumn of 2023 the four artists Filippa Westerberg, Ida Wahl, Anna Ting Nissen Bech and Signild Elisabeth started to collaborate. Combining composing, cello, singing, movment, dance and circus they created a performance to the piece "Två kvinnor i världen/To kvinner i verden" and are in the process to develop a bigger performace exploring the concept of friendship, especially female friendship. 


A crossover world group with classical string quartet , folk/classical singer and electric bass 

The songs are in Danish, commenting on the aspects of being human - from cradle to grave. Kaisin is embracing the freedom to step out of the limits of genres and times and show you a new way of writing songs. 

IWhere lyrics meet melodies you find  a universe containing everything from intimate ballads to big symphonic sounds. 

The music is written by the duo of Kaisin - Ida Marie Jessen (singer) and Benjamin Møller Kirketerp (bass player) and they are using the ins and outs of their friendship to create this musical world together. Using themes they have discussed or experienced or being inspired by. 


Ida Marie Jessen - vocal
Benjamin Møller Kirketerp - electric bass
Alba Catalàn - 1. violin
Emilia Blaszczyk - 2. violin
Steina Kristín Ingólfsdóttir - viola
Filippa Westerberg - cello